All Or Nothing - Jessica Jarman Shannon and Nate have been happily married for a year. Before they were married, Shannon knew that Nate and his best friend, Zac, had participated in threesomes, but Nate hasn't given any indication he wants to do that again. Then again, Zac hasn't been around. He's been in the military, but now that he's back in the US and staying with them, things are getting tense. Zac stares at Shannon. And Shannon is mortified to realize that she's uncomfortable about it because she likes Zac to stare at her. At a barbecue at their home, Zac finally makes it clear that he'd be more than happy to be a third in their relationship, and he's pretty sure Nate wants that, too. Shannon is the unknown... will she or won't she?

And when she does, what will that mean for her and Nate? And what about Zac? Will he be free to do as he pleases, even though Shannon's heart has now gotten involved, as much as she tried to keep that from happening?

Everything works out into a nice HEA, and even though this was on the short side, it was pretty well done. I felt like I could feel the emotions they were going through.