The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer (Audio) - Gretchen  Reynolds, Karen Saltus I think this is one of those books you have to actually read as opposed to listen to. There's so much information (including equations for things like finding your max heart rate) that unless you're sitting there with pen and paper and writing down the pertinent facts, you're going to miss something. And that defeats my purpose of an audiobook -- to be doing anything except sitting down. Also, the narrator would pause before every quote, sort of to indicate it was a quote from someone, and I'm pretty sure that the author interjected her own comments within the quote, so it would be blah blah ...pause... slightly different voice... blah blah ...pause... back to narrator voice... blah ...pause, back to slightly different voice... blah blah blah. It was distracting. And the quotes were plentiful so it happened a LOT. I also have to say the one time I heard her try to do an accent for a German person, it was horrible, lol. It's not like she tried to change her accent for the British or Finnish quotes.

Maybe I'll come back to this and read it in Kindle form. But for now, I give up.