With Strings Attached - Kelly Jamieson Probably closer to a 3-1/2. I did enjoy this. I think I just expect to feel more emotion with a Kelly Jamieson story, and while this one was very sweet and sexy, for some reason, I just didn't feel so much with this one.

Corey and Matt are friends with benefits. Corey has been let down by virtually everyone in her life -- mother, father, foster families, boyfriends. She's decided if she doesn't open her heart, doesn't expect anything permanent, she won't get hurt when someone lets her down. Matt is the ultimate good guy. His father died when he was young, so he stepped up and became the "man" for his mother and sisters. His romantic relationships have usually ended in "You're so nice. Let's just be friends." Once they both became single, a night of drinking turned into sex, and it was so good that they decided to just keep it going -- no strings.

Enter Dylan, Matt's best friend who is a professional surfer. He's back in town recuperating from a serious injury. And sparks fly between Dylan and Corey, too. And Matt, knowing they have this no strings thing, feels like he can't get in between Dylan going after Corey, but he realizes he doesn't like the idea at all. And then Dylan, realizing Corey wants them both, suggests a threesome. And Corey throws caution to the wind and goes for it.

That's the gist, and jealousies get in the way. Corey and Matt's expectations of their relationship are also a problem, especially when those expectations change. It was sweet and lots of sexy times between the three of them. Sexy times between Matt and Corey as well. It was telling that Corey didn't really feel like sexy times with Dylan if Matt wasn't there. Hmmmm... But it was a good story.

One thing that kinda bugged me was that when we were hearing the story via Dylan's point of view, he thought in surfer-speak. I suppose it makes sense, but it was just so strange to see a word like "aggro" used when it wasn't in conversation. A couple of times, it was off-putting, but I understand that the author was trying to stay true to his character. It was just weird.