Eastern Ambitions (Compass Brothers #3) - Jayne Rylon,  Mari Carr I was a little disappointed. It's odd to be crying then turned on, then crying again, then turned on... and then... I dunno... I just didn't "get" it? I didn't get the multiples scene or the need for either one of them to have the kink, I didn't get her forgiveness...

I think this might be one that falls victim to length. A longer story might have included more story to support what was going on or had happened in the past. Maybe I would feel differently if we were shown while he was still in New York that he had a penchant for sharing his women rather than a quick sentence or paragraph about it. He thinks about it, but then he has his little weird fling with Belinda and there's nothing else said for a while.

Maybe if we had more background on Cindi, we'd understand why she liked to be shared, or how far back that particular kink goes for her. There was so much pull-then-push-away between Sam and Cindi, it was hard to get invested in the characters as a couple. Sam seemed like a good guy, and he and Cindi obviously had a lot in common and had massive chemistry, but then they each had this sharing secret that just seemed incongruous to the story.

I also hate it when I read a scene and I can't figure out who is standing/laying where doing what and to whom. In the multiples scene, obviously everyone was doing stuff to Cindi, but I lost track of people. That's one of the reasons, I guess, that I prefer two or three people in a scene instead of twelve (which may be an exaggeration, but I'm still not sure, lol).

I'll still read the last one because I've read 1-3... one more brother still has to come home. I know the next one will bring on the waterworks again.