Brazen - Maya Banks Somewhere near a 3-1/2 for me. It was OK but not great. Damn cowboys and their ideas about what's "right". :-) Half this book was the boys fighting their feelings for Jasmine. And Jasmine making it really hard (figuratively and literally) for them to resist her. I have to give her credit for knowing what she wanted and going for it. I felt bad for her that she kept getting shut down by both boys out of some protective instinct. They weren't what she needed. They said. And then once Zane accepted what she was talking about, Seth kept shutting her down at every turn. After giving her a little sliver of hope. Which crushed her all the much more. Man, Seth was stubborn! Everything worked out in the end and it was sweet. Can't say the sex was the smoking-est I've ever read, but I might just be in a mood.