Unleashing the Receptionist - Juniper Bell This is one naughty trio, but they fit. Dana sure got lucky when she applied for a job there. Well, I guess the guys got lucky, too, that she was up for everything they wanted to do.

This is the third one, so they're already solid as a trio, though Dana still feels a little bit like a third wheel because they won't talk about their past. But a more recent part of their past is coming back to haunt them.

Honestly the plot line with Margo was... I dunno... I guess necessary because it's why we get the new voyeur-accountant-nerdy dude. Still not sure what the girl from the Chinese restaurant is all about, but it provided the boys with a couple of f/f scenes. I almost feel bad for the girl though... they never get any of Simon and Ethan.

Ultimately, we learn the story of how Ethan and Simon met, and why they don't talk about it is crystal clear.

So this wasn't my favorite, but it was a decent story.