Sweet Pleasure - McKenna Chase This was a really fast-moving story. Kristin is several years younger than her brother. She always had a crush on his best friend, Jake. Jake left town to go to college when she was fourteen, and when he subsequently got married, it broke Kristin's heart. Jake had no idea how Kristin felt about him.

But he's coming back to town a divorced man after eight years. Kristin has schemed a way for them to spend some quality time together. It sounded like she dressed like a hoochie to meet him on his first day back. She certainly dressed in easy access clothing, lol. And hey, it worked on him, so goodie for her. And their first, urgent coupling was pretty darn steamy. It cracked me up how hard Jake tried to be a good boy... he was sure Landon would kill him for messing around with Kristin. But Kristin's methods were very effective in wearing Jake down.

Ultimately it was sweet, even if the "l" word was thrown around way too quickly. The dude had no inkling Kristin had a crush on him, and he's been back for a week, but he's in love with her? Like I said, fast-moving story. But definitely steamy!