Starting Over - Barbara Elsborg I enjoyed this one, but it was entirely too short. I knew it was on the shorter side going in, but we didn't even get to her fantasy!! If this is a "prequel" for a bigger story, I'd definitely read it, because I want to see where they go. Though I'm not sure what Ms. Elsborg could have them do... they've already met each other.

It was definitely an interesting setup. Pia hates her life and her job. She's sort of been stuck in limbo since her husband died 18 months ago. She recently responded to a personal ad that was basically a no-strings relationship with a guy who is occasionally in town -- a way to scratch an itch. But when Pia shows up for their first hook up (debating with herself the entire way about whether this is a good idea), she crawls into bed, waiting for whoever was in the bathroom to finish their shower. When the shower is done and the door opens, not one but two men cuddle in on either side of her. Uh, what the what?!

Of course, she thinks she's made a mistake with the room number, but Connor and Espen convince her that staying and playing with them would be much more fun than hooking up with just one guy. And she's intrigued, so she agrees. Unbeknownst to Pia, Connor and Espen have been searching for a third for a long time. But Pia overhears them talking and there's a misunderstanding, and she sneaks out on them.

Ultimately, it ends in what I'll call a happy for now... we don't know what's going to happen in the long run, but they're on good terms when the story ends.

But we didn't get her fantasy!! ;-)