Tattoo of Love - Liz Davis Somewhere between a 2 and a 3, but closer to a 2.

This is the love story between Julia and Nolan. Nolan is Samoan. I'm not sure we ever really know what Julia is, whether she's black, white, Hispanic, Asian? She has chocolate nipples (we saw that a lot) and long curls. The blurb says it's interracial, so maybe that's strictly based on Nolan being Samoan? Not that it really matters, but I guess when something is classified as interracial, I expect to know the races of both participants. I kept wondering about Julia.

This was a sweet story, but right off the bat, how Nolan acted didn't seem real. I can understand feeling an instant connection with someone, but I don't know any guys who would actually say that the second time they're talking to a girl. And they were both so even-keeled, when Julia wasn't being jealous or catty. (Which honestly wasn't often.) There wasn't a whole lot of conflict in their relationship. The characters were likable. Julia seemed simultaneously down-to-earth and pompous. It was kinda weird. Not quite sure how to describe it adequately. Maybe pompous isn't the right word. Maybe holier-than-thou? I dunno.

I think what bothered me most was how much extra information we got that easily could have been left out of the story and the story been much tighter. And the author had a habit of using the same sentence structure time and again. I'm thinking that sounds strange, because I'm trying to figure out how to describe it, but it was something like this: "After she brushed her teeth, she picked up the water glass to rinse her mouth. After she wiped her mouth with the towel, she placed it back on the towel rack." Notice the two "afters" almost back to back? It happened a lot and it was noticeable. And while that passage was not from the book, that's the type of extraneous information I'm talking about. Just say she brushed her teeth and left the bathroom. Unless they got down and dirty in between, it's irrelevant.

One specific case I remember thinking this near the end of the book was when she called the clinic to make an appointment. We got the entire conversation with the nurse, who has nothing to do with the story. The fact that she's going to the doctor is relevant; the conversation with the nurse about her paperwork is not. The story was fairly long, but things like this made it feel that much longer.

All that said, it was not a bad story. It was a sweet love story with some sexy scenes, and it ends on a nice note. I didn't hate it, but it definitely wasn't a favorite.