A Taste for Jazz - Ciana Stone I don't know what I expected, but this was pretty darn good. It was a bit fast paced, but it just moved the story along. It didn't seem *too* fast.

Jazz is a bounty hunter and part-time bodyguard. While she's working a bounty case, she gets snatched by Danu to a castle in Scotland and told that she's one of the Hussies, a group of warrior women, and they need her to watch over R.E. Burns, a scientist who has an invention that could make or break humanity, depending on who gets their hands on it. So Jazz goes to find this R.E. Burns in Florida.

Her "spidey senses" lead her to a gym that trains MMA fighters, and one of the instructors is Rock. There hasn't been much time or opportunity for love for Jazz, so when she immediately responds to Rock, she's a little taken aback as well as intrigued. Rock has been a playboy and shunned commitment of any kind for a long time, but something about Jazz calls to him. Loudly. If you haven't figured it out yet, Rock is the R.E. Burns Jazz is supposed to protect. Which works out well for the both of them.

And then Rock gets abducted. By a kind of dim-witted dude. Who has history with Jazz. But it was still a fun part of the story. I liked how Jazz and Rock communicated via their faux yelling matches on the phone (while the dude listened on and was none the wiser).

Ultimately a really cute story with some steamy parts. And a good suspense-type plot to surround it all.