How to Misbehave - Ruthie Knox This was so darn sweet. And hot. Definitely hot. Amber is the "good girl" running the community center that Tony, the bad boy, is doing work on. Amber often watches Tony when she thinks nobody is looking. She's definitely attracted, but she'd never actually say anything to him. One evening, after everyone else has left besides Amber and Tony, a storm comes through bringing a tornado. After the sirens go off, they head for the basement for shelter. And then the lights go out. Tony is afraid of the dark. And Amber ends up talking their way through it. As long as Tony has something to think about besides the dark, he's fine, so Amber's conversation is a good distraction. And Tony realizes Amber has a thing for him. But Tony doesn't think he's good enough for her. And yet that doesn't stop him from making a move and the stopping himself. Which pisses Amber off. :-)

I love how Amber decided to grab for what she wanted. And that Tony was willing to quell the inner voices telling him that he didn't deserve this long enough to give Amber -- and himself -- what was needed. I can't wait to see more of them (married, according to the info at the back) in the rest of the series. I'll definitely have to pick it up if they'll be like this one.