Lord John and the Private Matter  - Jeff Woodman, Diana Gabaldon Another interesting Diana Gabaldon story. While there's not really any way to compare this to Outlander (it's much shorter and there's no romance to speak of), it was still full of rich historical details. And I always fell smarter after having listened to a Gabaldon story. She uses the $20 words instead of the nickel ones. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people would go to in order to protect theirs or their family's reputations. Enter a loveless marriage? Fine, as long as it benefits the man financially. And moves the woman up in social circles. And keeps smut off the family name. To think that a broken engagement would imply a defect in the woman annoys me, but I know back then, women weren't as valuable as men. And while I know homosexuality is nothing new, I had no idea there were "molly houses" which were basically homosexual brothels. I learn so much about history in a Gabaldon story, lol. Anyway, this was an interesting mystery. What looked like two separate mysteries to solve ended up dovetailing into one odd conclusion.