Elemental Pleasure (Trinity Masters #1) - Mari Carr,  Lila Dubois Let me start out by saying that I got the copy that was supposed to be uploaded the first time. And while there were a couple of *teensy* issues, it was like a gold standard other self-pubbed authors should hold themselves to. Nice, clean text. Me likey.

This story was somewhere between a 3-1/2 and a 4 for me. An interesting premise... agree to give up the choice for who you will ultimately marry (knowing it will be two people, gender not important) in exchange for help in becoming extremely successful. That's the idea behind this story. Three people who have been helped by the Trinity Masters have now been chosen to form a permanent menage trio. Normally, the Trinity Masters have an underlying purpose for why they join the three they choose, but they never divulge it. It's up to the three to figure out how they can do the most good, utilizing everyone's talents.

Carly is a game programmer. She owns her own successful gaming company that has a state of the art system and is very popular. Preston is a chemist and also a legacy Trinity Master -- his father and two mothers, also matched by the Trinity Masters, form their own trio. Lance is a mathematician with DARPA and formerly a Marine. Of course, they're all hot. And they're all attracted to each other. There was even a hint that Preston would be willing to try m/m, but Lance shut that down quick. A couple of other times, it seemed like Lance was sort of letting down his guard and something might happen between him and Preston, but no. Sigh. So things get off to a pretty rocky start.

But they ultimately work together to figure out what's going to work for them. And they work together very steamily. (Is that a word? No, it's not, but you know what I mean.) Throw in Carly getting kidnapped, and you have a little bit of suspense to go around the sex.

One thing I didn't think was fleshed out enough was Carly's anticipated role. Or moreover, what the three of them would do together. Lance helped Preston with something, but there wasn't any discussion about how their assets would ultimately work together toward some great future thing. Maybe that'll come in a later book. It was an interesting start to the series.