Temptation - K.M. Golland This was a very interesting story. We have Alexis, who is returning to work after a nine year hiatus raising her kids, and Bryce, her enigmatic boss. Alexis thinks she is happily married. Bryce is totally single. And totally after Alexis.

I have to wonder what might have happened if Bryce was not filthy rich. Alexis wasn't attracted to him for his money -- she was attracted when she spilled her hot chocolate on him and didn't know who he was yet. But him being able to pamper her and knowing all of her favorite things and such... could he have pulled it off without the money? And if he hadn't been rich, how would the story be different?

I thought what Alexis' friend said -- something about not falling in love with the second one if you really loved the first -- was apropos. While on the surface it seemed like Alexis' marriage was solid, the first red flag was raised for me when Alexis got the promotion to personal assistant and all Rick could ask was how much more money it would bring in. She told him it would mean more hours and he didn't blink. I mean, sure, money is important, but she *just* went back to work and you're not worried about her time away from you and the kids?

So I'm wondering what will happen in the next one. You know Alexis will find out about the five million dollars Bryce paid her husband to let her spend the week with him. And while it's a little despicable (and maybe desperate) for Bryce to offer it, it's a little cheesier for Rick to accept it, more or less without a fight. So I wonder which way Alexis will see it. No matter what, I'm thinking there's a lot more angst ahead!

Others have mentioned the editing issues, and they're definitely there. Mostly punctuation that kept me backing up to figure out the intent. (Like the difference between "let's eat Grandpa" and "let's eat, Grandpa".) A few misused words. But this is one where the story overcame and kept me reading to find out what would happen next. The ending came a bit abrupt for me, but at the same time, knowing there's a second one, it was probably a good point to stop.