Velvet Cataclysm - Beth Kery This was a very interesting story. Very interesting paranormal/alien elements.

Saint sounds/acts like what we think of as a vampire, but he's not a vampire. He's one half of a clone set put here by aliens as some sort of experiment. He's the "good" half, his brother Teslar is everything dark Saint is not. And Saint is charged with keeping his clone under control. But Teslar is making that difficult. These beings feed on human "vitessence", which can be found in anything derived from passion (be that sexual or based in fear): sweat, blood, sexual excretions. When they first came to consciousness and felt the hunger, he and Teslar almost obliterated the Iniskium, an American Indian tribe. Saint pulled back first and realized they were killing them all. Ultimately, the Iniskium were made immortal by Saint and served as his guard. They are wolf shifters.

Christina and her son, Aidan, have lived on Saint's property for eight years. Christina and Saint have sort of danced around each other for years, but Christina is tired of waiting for Saint to make a move. For his part, Saint doesn't think he deserves Christina, so he continually pushes her away. Christina is special. She can read minds. But beyond that, she apparently has the most vitessence Saint has ever seen in a human. He's drawn to her, yet he's so afraid he'll harm her, so he keeps his distance as best he can. But now that Teslar has also discovered her, Saint is forced to keep her near to keep her safe, which makes her impossible to resist.

Saint's internal struggle was so sad. He wanted Christina so badly but felt it would be the worst thing for her to be with him. For her part, Christina was extremely strong. Once she thought she figured out what he was (she guessed vampire), she still didn't shy away from him. No matter how many times Saint protested that he'd hurt her, she knew he never would. Once they finally came together, they were on fire. It was really very sweet how this strong, virtually invincible being turned into a puddle for Christina. And she for him.

As with most Beth Kery stories, there was a lot of sex. And it was hot sex. But when a couple of scenes spanned chapters, I giggled a bit. It was almost overkill. But it was still hot!

I'm probably going to have to continue with this series. I love Beth Kery, and I'm guessing there could be seven more of these since there are eight Sevliss princes and we dealt with Saint in this one. It'll be interesting to see how they grow throughout the series, because I'm sure there's something unique about all of them.