Go With the Flo - Lillian  Grant I need a Nelson. Not that I'm a Florence. Heck no... I'll leave the police to do their jobs, lol. Have to give her credit for caring so much, though.

Florence is a 23-year-old Avon lady and part-time cashier, still living with her parents. Nelson has been her best friend for years. When Eddie, a boy Florence once dated and who constantly flashes her when she walks by his house, goes missing, Florence convinces Nelson to help her find him. And Florence's best laid plans all get screwed up, as they usually do.

It was a really cute story. And the blossoming romance between Florence and Nelson was really sweet. They said their "I love yous" pretty quickly once it got steamy (and it did get steamy... I want one of Nelson's kisses), but they had been best friends for so long. It was just a new facet to their relationship, so it didn't seem out of place.

I giggled... I shook my head at Florence's antics... I giggled some more... I drooled over Nelson. :-) He really seemed like such a great guy, and the perfect guy to keep Florence on the straight and narrow. As tough as that was!