Checking It Twice - Jodi Redford I thought this was a fun story. Jana has had the hots for Kevin for five years. They've been good friends, but as time has gone by, she's really fallen hard for him, and she's trying to push the boundaries of their friendship. Hard. But Kevin doesn't do relationships. He doesn't even really do one-night-stands. He's torturing himself for what he's been told is a perversion, but one he can't quite keep himself from. He's also torturing himself for what he feels like are past relationship failures. And things in his past that he had no control over. And he's about to bolt from Jana's life because she's finally gotten too close.

Jana owns a lingerie/sex toy shop. For the past several months, she's been talking with Nick, one of her vendors, on the phone. It's been flirtatious and there's been a sexual undercurrent in their calls, but nothing has ever come of it. Nick has now shown up, out of the blue, to personally demo a new product. He feels like he really needs to meet Jana in person, and when they meet, sparks fly. And then Kevin walks in on them getting acquainted. What are the odds that Kevin and Nick were best friends five years ago? And shared women? And that this is one of the things Kevin tortures himself over?

But Nick sees the perfect opportunity to get what everyone wants. Jana's completely on board. Kevin takes quite a bit of coaxing, but damn that boy has built up some thick walls!

Very sexy (of course, it's menage) and ultimately very sweet. I was very happy with where everyone ended up, especially Kevin.