Nothing Stays In Vegas - Elena Aitken This was a great story and I really enjoyed it. Nicole has dragged Lexi to Vegas for Nicole's birthday. Lexi is six months separate from her husband. They've separated because while Lexi initially didn't want children, a potential pregnancy scare made her really think about it and she got the baby bug. Her husband did not. At all. She's not really a party girl, doesn't "do" Vegas, but Nicole is her best friend, so she's there. Right away, in a humorous way, she meets Leo, who works for the hotel. Leo, who doesn't normally get involved with hotel guests, is immediately taken by Nicole. Nicole sees the sparks flying and sort of plays a little match-making and sets up what Nicole thinks will be the fling that Lexi needs to get over her husband and move on. And through some nefarious plotting, another hotel employee sort of makes it so they each think the other believed what they had was a fling, when it was so obviously not a fling.

Lexi goes home and her husband is waiting for her, ready to reconcile. He says if she wants children, he'll go along with it because he wants her. But when she gets pregnant and has a child, Andrew really isn't into the "daddy" thing as much as Lexi wishes. But, she's married, and tried to keep her family together, despite knowing that Ben is actually Leo's and not Andrew's.

Six years later, Nicole is getting married, and to speed things up, she's having it in Vegas. Not the same hotel they went to before, and heck, who stays in Vegas that long anyway? It's not likely Leo's still there, much less remembers Lexi, right? Wrong.

So much time wasted. So much angst about trying to do the right thing, second-guessing feelings at the time and then six years later, angst about how to deal with a child in the mix. But it was just such a great story. Leo was so wonderful. And I don't think I can really fault Lexi for any of her actions. Well... at the end, I wanted to smack her just a bit, lol, but at the same time, I think I understood what she was doing and why. A really great read. Glad I spent the day ignoring everything else for it. :-)