Silk - Em Petrova Somewhere between 2.5 and 3. I just have a hard time suspending reality that Jake realizes Wynne misses AJ and decides to offer AJ to her to keep her happy. And then he blurts out that he's had feelings for men in the past and is a little bit attracted to AJ. And she accepts it. Bam. Done. No "Wow, I have to absorb this new information that I never knew about my husband," or anything. Just "I'm so happy you told me. I think it would be hot to see you together." Or something like that.

So then they invite AJ into their bedroom, and he gets all freaked out thinking he's being used. At which point Jake admits his bisexuality and AJ seems uncomfortable. But wait! We have another bombshell. The reason AJ and Wynne didn't work out is because he was confused about his lust for one of his male massage clients. So hey! Let's get it on! But then they kinda don't. I mean sure, Jake gives AJ a blowjob, but doesn't even stick his finger up AJ's ass, lol. There was no male penetration.

And then, Wynne is worried about AJ going back to Atlanta and how will she survive that, and then bam, she's happy with everything and going to sleep and it's over.

I dunno... the dialog just seemed so trite sometimes. And things resolved way too quickly.

That's not to say this wasn't a book worthy of reading. It was a *nice* story. And steamy at times. I just thought the addition of AJ along with Jake's bisexuality might make it more interesting and even steamier.