Forbidden Fruit - Rosalie Stanton This was a steamy little short. Ashlynn and Reese became step-siblings when she was nine and he was eleven. She was instantly crushing on Reese. And she's continued to crush on him over the years, even though he barely spends any time at home (when he comes home from college on break). It's Spring Break, and rather than go to Cancun with his buddies, he's decided to stay home. And their parents have decided on an impromptu vacation, leaving the two at home alone.

First thing, Ash catches Reese whacking off to a porno. And she gives herself away, when she was trying so hard to be quiet and just watch. So when she sees Reese a short bit later, he suggests they watch a movie together... that movie. Which of course turns out like you think it would. Turns out Reese has had a thing for Ash all these years, too... he just apparently hides it better.

Like I said, it's a short story, but it packs a punch.