Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare This was really good. Closer to 4-1/2 than 4. It started out a bit slow for me, but ultimately got so good I couldn't put it down. I sort of suspected one of the "bad guys" early on. Bad guys is in quotes because he wasn't really bad, but he certainly wasn't helpful.

I thought the relationship started off really fast. Or maybe it was the need or the constant thoughts of the other. The actual relationship was sort of slow in starting, sort of how Reece planned it. He almost treated her like a spooked horse, somehow knowing she needed to be handled with kid gloves. And she tried so hard to resist, but how can one resist perfection?

Anyway, beyond the sweet relationship and great chemistry, there was the great mystery behind the story. It was interesting how everything dovetailed in the end.

I'll definitely read another by this author.

(And another one with no errors for me to complain about!! I *love* that, lol.)