All She Wants For Christmas (Kent Brothers, #1) - Jaci Burton This was a really sweet story. My heart was breaking for Riley off the bat. Ten years ago, she'd taken off after finding her boyfriend in best with her best friend. She left everything behind. Coming back ten years later, she didn't really think she'd left much behind. She had no family -- she'd been a foster child -- and the only thing that had mattered to her had betrayed her.

Now she's back in town, hometown girl made it big in country music. And for some reason, a network wants to do a biography on her, which of course means returning to her roots. She so does not want to be here where she will likely see the love of her life with his wife/her ex-best friend. But of course fate likes to throw curve balls.

Ultimately this was a really sweet story. I wanted to simultaneously kick and kiss Ethan for his strong convictions about actions and consequences and the "right thing to do". And I knew Riley was potentially opening her heart for more heartbreak, but I was cheering her on. I was glad that she was able to find out the real story about what had happened ten years before as well as what had happened since. I'm pretty sure Riley has a bigger heart than me to have been so sad for Amanda. Not that I wouldn't have been sad, but I dunno. Not that sad, I guess, lol.

Anyway, it ended up with a sweet HEA story. A little bit of steam in the middle, but not much. Considering the length of the story, there wasn't a whole lot of time for hanky panky.