Just Right - Erin Nicholas This is my first Erin Nicholas story, and it was really sweet. Probably closer to 3-1/2 stars than 3, but certain things bugged me.

Jessica is a reformed wild child. Because of how she was raised, she sort of rebelled against responsibility for a short while and then was jolted back into needing to be the responsible one. She appears to have everything together. She is everyone's go-to person for stability. She's an ER nurse. And she has a massive crush on Ben.

Ben is an ER doctor. He has been feeling down on his chosen profession for a while. He feels like nothing he does is worth it. If he sews someone up in the ER, they leave and go smoke. Or drink and drive. Or any number of things that have negative outcomes. He's lost sight of the people he helps who end up doing well as a result. And he's had a massive crush on Jessica as well.

Something happens in the ER where Ben gets suspended. Rather than being upset about it, he's relieved. He can go goof off now. Or whatever he wants. He doesn't have to be a doctor. But he can't really shut that part of himself off. In the meantime, a hospital executive ask Jessica to do "whatever it takes" to keep Ben out of trouble until they can clear up the suspension. So she does.

Anyway... it was a super sweet story. In all the crushing on each other, neither really thought anything long lasting would come out of their relationship. As a result, Jessica pushes Ben off for a while. She doesn't want to be a fling. Ultimately, their chemistry brings them together.

Which brings me to the things that bugged me. For some reason, Ben got the impression that Jessica was a virgin. I don't know why she didn't correct him right away, but she didn't. And several times, he backed off because he wanted her "first time" to be special. And then, when they finally got together, they were so worked up over each other that he plunged into her. I guess "first time" didn't cross his mind at all since he was taking her with a decent amount of force. Which I only sort of read into because the whole sex part (minus the foreplay) was one paragraph. And a short one at that. Very fade-to-black, which I totally didn't expect. I figured maybe there wasn't much to tell, but then the following sex scenes were the same way. There was so much build up the first time, so much description of the foreplay, that it just seemed incongruous for their actual joining to warrant one measly paragraph. It should have been magic, it should have been explosive, based on how much they wanted each other.

But even with all the things that bugged me, I'd read another by this author. It was still a very sweet love story that kept my interest.

I will point out, since I'm such a stickler on copy editing, that this one was edited very well. I was a *very* happy camper that I was not pulled out of the story by errors. :-)