Glory in Death - J.D. Robb Normally I like second books because we've already established some of the characters and there's less world-building. But there were a couple of things about this one that just bugged me. First off.... she LETS him leave her?? IDIOT! Lol! That's near the beginning of the book, so I was pretty sure by the end, they'd be back together. I mean Roarke has toys that can help her solve stuff, so they're going to have to meet up at some point. And then you know they'll reconcile because they have that chemistry and similar backgrounds.

Anyhoo... the second thing that annoyed me was the conversation she had with the kid in David's neighborhood before she went to find/meet with David at his home. And maybe I just misunderstood something, but it seemed like nothing the kid said had any bearing at all on the case. Or Eve just didn't remember it, which doesn't make sense, because she remembers everything. But he told her that women visited the house frequently, yet she ultimately found out that David is rarely there. So why are all these women visiting? And then the night of the murder, he told of a guy who showed up who walked funny. Who was that person? There was never another mention of it. And like I said, maybe I missed something, but it just seemed like that was a waste of me hearing about it.

Anyway, beyond that, it was a good mystery again. And all is happy in Eve and Roarke world by the end. So on to #3. And then I think I'm taking a short break from these.