The Dom with a Safeword - Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, Cari Silverwood A lot of my friends raved about this, but this one is somewhere between 3-1/2 and 4 stars for me. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of f/f, but mostly because I don't think most writers get it sensual enough for me, a straight girl, to really "get it". Selena Kitt is sort of my gold standard for f/f because she makes me "feel" it. BUT, that said, this was closer than most of the other stuff I've read.

It was definitely interesting to see the dynamic between Sabrina and Q at the beginning. It sort of bothered me at one point when Sabrina's inner dialogue kept saying she's straight when she was clearly bi. In my opinion, if you're attracted to even one person of the other sex, it makes you bi-sexual. Maybe you're 99% for dudes and 1% for girls (only one girl), but in my mind, that kinda makes you bi-sexual. And that Sabrina was able to let Q suck on her tits in the dressing room and really get into it kinda points that direction. Plus, I think Sabrina was still conflicted even after Q had gone down on her. And she really enjoyed it.

Jude was definitely yummy. And creative! I've always wondered why it's a male fantasy to have two women in the bed, because it just seems like so much work unless the girls are into each other, too. Plus, unless the guy has incredible staying power, one girl is going to end up without cock, and that's just a shame, lol! And even while Sabrina tried to ignore her feelings/attraction to Q, Jude was able to make sure everyone was taken care of. Good Dom. :-) I also liked that the authors didn't ignore the potential jealousy issues.

I also thought Sabrina's introduction into BDSM was pretty hot. I can totally imagine her freaking out, seeing what Jude is doing to Q, not understanding that Q needed the violence. I'd totally be the Sabrina in their love triangle, lol! While I read about BDSM, I'm not sure I could watch it done to someone else without flinching and seriously wondering if she's really OK. I thought Jude and Q both did a decent job of making sure Sabrina knew all was well.

My heart broke a bit near the end when Jude announced he was leaving in a week and Q went and bawled in the bathroom... when Jude was at school, missing his girls... when Q pulled totally away from Sabrina, though I understood why she felt she had to, but ultimately everything worked out satisfactorily. I wonder what Sabrina's family will do when they find out. I also really wish something really bad happened to that Eddie guy (I think that was his name... the dude with the farmhouse). And I expected Nico to come back, but that didn't happen.

So anyway... it was an enjoyable read. I'll read the Christmas one that goes with it, and if more come out in the series, I'll read them. I love Cari Silverwood, and after reading this one, I suspect I'd like books by the other two authors as well. Actually, I did read something else by Leia Shaw, and it was really good, too.