Naked in Death - J.D. Robb This was a very interesting story. Definitely kept me intrigued throughout the story. It started off with a bang (almost literally) and it didn't really slow down. I know Roarke is a well-loved character, and while I liked him, I'm not in love with him yet. I did like, however, that he pointed out that he and Eve both started out life in their own poor situations, yet they've turned their lives into something totally different. Through that, I think they will have a unique bond.

I enjoyed the mystery, and I sort of halfway thought what ultimately happened would happen. Though I didn't foresee how/why the first murder occurred. How very sad for everyone involved. I can't even imagine.

So... I'll start the next one. I think there are over 30 stories in this series at this point during which I can potentially fall in love with Roarke like many others have. But he's definitely a good guy... one with potentially shady practices. Though I'll be surprised if he uses them to ever hurt Eve. Definitely a unique bond between them.