Mendacity - Alexandria (Alie) Infante I won this book in a contest. If I'm honest, this read was more of 2-1/2 stars for me, but the last 15% or so of the book got really good, so I'm rounding up.

There were, in my opinion, serious copy editing issues. And they drew me out of the story countless times while my brain tried to figure out how it should be. Words misused. Really funky punctuation. And it's spelled "ain't", not "aien't". And while I can appreciate that this was an urban setting and so slang would be used, it was off-putting to me to see "gurl" used for "girl" when someone wasn't speaking, even though it was in her thoughts. It was also odd, for me, how much music was used throughout the book. It was probably meant to convey a feeling, but for someone who hasn't heard most of the songs, it didn't mean anything to me. I recognized artist names, but it's not my genre of music. Which makes me think I'm not the target demographic for this book anyway.

I found the love story very sweet (Sean is a sweet, good guy) and the stalker plot somewhat compelling. There were a lot of parts that dragged for me... things I thought could have been condensed, details maybe I didn't need as a reader to get the gist of things. Half the time, I had no idea why they were angry with each other. Maybe both were hotheads, but a lot of things that happened that set them off seemed so inconsequential compared to the resulting argument. But I guess it made a good excuse for make-up sex?

I also didn't get why the fuck Sean didn't just change the fucking security code when he knew Steve had been in their house, especially after Steve attacked Ali? That seems to be the simplest, most logical thing to do. But he didn't. And look what happened. Duh.

Anyway, I appreciate winning the book, and it was a decent story. Just badly needs someone to go through and correct the wrong words, punctuation, etc. Maybe someone to point out what can be condensed and still keep the bones of the story intact.