The Bride - Julie Garwood Awwww wasn't that sweet. Maybe a little predictable (at least ultimately), but still such a joy to listen to. The narrator is just so good! I've heard her on other audiobooks, and I swear, when she does a male voice, you don't even think anything about it. It's definitely a male talking. This was my first Julie Garwood, and I'm glad I decided to give it a try. The story was sweet, the hero and heroine were both strong characters, and ultimately I ended up with a cavity, lol. But seriously, it was fun "watching" Jamie get accustomed to Scottish life, her winning over people who tried very hard not to like her, her carving out a life amongst people she didn't know and earning their respect. I loved the scene with the king. If this is a good example of Julie Garwood, I'll definitely have to look up more stories authored by her.