The Golden Dragon - Tianna Xander An interesting start to a series. In this one, there are dragons and witches. For some reason, the witches (or at least the witches in April's family) have been indoctrinated that dragons tried to eradicate them during the Inquisition. As a result, witches are in hiding from dragons. But male dragons can only procreate with witches.

Quite by accident, April meets Kendrake, the most powerful dragon. She knows who he is and books once she realizes what she thinks he can do to her. Good thing he (or at least his familiar) is tenacious about finding her, because he does and gets her to kiss him to prove he's telling the truth. And he realizes she's his true mate. And then danger comes to call, so Kendrake decides to protect her and the rest of her sisters.

There wasn't a whole lot to the story. It wasn't very long. But it was an intriguing start to a series. It left you wondering who will be the other sisters' mates, who is trying to intimidate them, whether their parents were really killed, and where their brothers are.