Her Brother, Her Hero - Terry Towers This was kind of a sweet pseudo-incest story between step siblings. Their parents married while Jake and Jessie were teenagers, and Jake was warned by his father to keep his hands off. Instead, Jake made Jessie's high school life a little miserable. He's been away in the Marines for five years and is now coming home. Jessie's still angry with him about how he treated her, but she's also annoyed because he's the golden boy who can do no wrong in their parents' eyes, while she still isn't sure what she wants to do with her life.

For whatever reason, he comes home and neither parent is home, but Jessie has made a nice coming-home meal for him. And they argue and have a little bit of a food fight, and then tackling and tickling turns into more. And it continues...

I thought it was sweet that Jake wanted to recreate Jess's prom for her since she didn't have a great time (partially his fault). And I thought that him having been in love with her for years was sweet, too. Sweet, sexy story all around.

There were some editing issues... some word usage stuff, but mostly punctuation.