Kiss a Falling Star - Barbara Elsborg I'm beginning to think I'm easy for Ms. Elsborg, but she sucks me in time and again with her incredible characters.

Ally has had a rash of bad luck lately... flowerpots almost falling on her... getting locked in basements... The latest event, she's *certain* someone attempted to kill her by pushing her onto train tracks, has prompted her to leave London for her brother's home in Derbyshire. Said brother isn't home, so she figures it'll be a way for her to get away for a couple of months without spending a lot of money. She had just lost her job in London anyway, so it's not like she even has to worry about that.

Soon after arriving in Derbyshire, she goes to the local pub for a bite to eat and meets a few of the locals. Casper, the resident love-em-and-leave-em guy nobody likes, is also there, but he tries very hard to just ignore her. Until her personality draws him, as it does everyone else. He walks her home and that's that.

Casper was in prison in Albania. For some reason unknown to him, Ally doesn't just accept that he did whatever he was jailed for just because he says he confessed. And it totally throws Casper for a loop. As does just about everything else Ally does as well. She's not willing to let him be the village pariah just because he's played the role for a while now. But who could have foreseen why he played that role. And how much Ally would make him want to be better than others see him. For her.

One thing I didn't expect was that this is the story before [b:Girl Most Likely To|15746524|Girl Most Likely To|Barbara Elsborg||21437300], but I'm really glad I got to see why Adam's assistants were so very much in love.

Another great story with twists and turns and heartbreak and heart swelling.