Sealed with a Wish - Lora Leigh Another short-ish Christmas story. 'Tis the season, right? This one had a little bit of a PNR slant to it... or maybe aliens is a better word. The story starts off with Cara saving a little boy from being run over by a car. She is hurt very badly when the car hits her instead, and the little boy disappears, but she's certain she remembers him. Why else would she throw herself in front of a car? And for her sacrifice, the little boy's people want to reward her, but Cara doesn't think she's worthy of anything -- she's been a nobody her whole life -- so she can't wish for the one thing she wants.

The person offering her anything is Kheelan. Kheelan was the warrior supposed to be watching over the little boy. But more than just wanting to reward her, Kheelan wants her with a ferocity he's never felt. And some gold bands he has indicate she is his true mate. Their culture requires that the female give herself willingly, heart and soul, for the mating to be complete.

But as I said, Cara doesn't think she's worthy of anything. So while Kheelan has been inserting himself into her life for the past year, Cara can't possibly believe Kheelan really wants something with her. Kheelan finally gets tired of waiting and sort of pushes the situation, and Cara decides she's going to let herself have him, even if only once, as her only Christmas gift.

It was sexy (if a little fast-moving) and sweet once Cara realizes Kheelan is more than he seems. And she realizes what has just happened.