Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl This was my favorite of the series. I can identify with the heroine who has regrets. Mine aren't nearly as big as hers (my heart broke a little bit for the lost little girl), but I can appreciate her need to distance herself from her youth. And I thought it was great that Chase was sort of part of her past, though neither of them noticed at first. I wanted to smack Jane often. She wanted to keep control over her carefully crafted life, and I can appreciate that, and Chase was everything she thought she couldn't have... shouldn't want. And they were perfect together. But she tried so hard to push that to the side and hurt Chase over and over in the process. Man, her ex was a douche. Sure, maybe he was hurt she broke up with him, but will it really feel better to him to date "trash", as he'd called her, just because he felt like he could make her? I was really glad of how everything worked out. Of course, we know Jane and Chase will end up together... it's just a matter of waiting for it to happen.