Dating Cupid - Eve Langlais This was really cute! Roxanne is a demi-god trying to live in the mortal world. She's a little annoyed at the gods for a particular god's handling of her father. Her mother is "Lady Luck", but Roxanne has had horrible luck with men. Even after joining Cupid Dating Service, which has an uncanny track record with matching people. But not Roxanne. Three failures. And now she's had it and has waged a PR campaign against CDS. It's working because not as many people are joining CDS, which does not escape the notice of the company head, Maverick Eros, aka Cupid. The one and only. Maverick is single by choice. Centuries ago, a woman totally snowed him, so he's not going to let another woman into his heart.

But at the first meeting between Maverick and Roxanne, it's obvious something is odd between them. Neither of them wants the complication of actually wanting the other, but it happens. And they're powerless to stop it. It was funny that both of them were convinced someone had put a spell on them to want the other so badly. And the chastity belt for their first real date was hilarious. It was a really cute story.