The Nymph's Muse - Xavier Edwards I really liked this one. It was a sweet story of an artist and the man who became her muse. Victoria likes to draw in the nude. She sits in her window, above the hubbub of the street below, and never really considers that anyone could see her. But one day, something makes Chase look up and, dumbfounded, he steps into traffic and gets hurt. Victoria sees it all, and goes out to help him, and once he looks at her, she knows he did actually see her. She invites him into her place to wait for medical assistance. And sparks fly, but then she doesn't hear from him for a while. He eventually returns, and she talks him into posing nude for her... while she's drawing in the nude. And what comes naturally happens.

It was a very unconventional meeting, but it worked for them. And their beginning were odd, but sweet. And their interactions were very sensual. Not super *steamy*, but very, very sensual.