Liaison - Natasha Knight A short-ish story about a woman trying to get over her dead husband. Gabrielle and her husband visited a B&B in Italy every year until he died unexpectedly. This is Gabrielle's first visit since his death. The first night, she meets Julian. She's drawn to him, but doesn't know why. Things happen very quickly between them, and for some reason, Gabrielle responds to his heavy-handedness. They embark on what could be a very short BDSM holiday fling. It was hot, but it was also very sweet. Gabrielle feels a lot of guilt for her husband's death, and Julian feels guilt over his wife's suicide. Julian has more or less come to terms with his guilt, and he helps Gabrielle with hers. She tells him things she'd never even told her closest friends, and it's cathartic for her. And Julian seems to really care for her and vice versa. This is more a happy-for-now because we don't really know what Gabrielle's choice was. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this couple in a future story.