Game Misconduct - Bianca Sommerland I enjoyed this book, though there were several things about it that just threw me. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

First thing that threw me was the flipping back and forth between first names and last names. Some of the characters referred to the other characters by last name and some by first name, so which way it was depended on the point of view. Considering this is the first book and the girl is involved with five men, it was very confusing to figure out who was doing what. I often have that problem with scenes with more than three participants, but the name flipping made it that much more confusing for me. I *think* at this point I know which first names go with which last names, but I'm not positive, lol.

Second thing is that it seems a little unrealistic for a woman who seemingly had very little sexual experience to open up so quickly to the idea of five men. Granted, these were all hot men, but considering her lack of confidence in herself, it just seems like someone more secure in their sexuality would more easily move into something like this.

Third, I'm still not sure that I get the draw of Sloane. He was a dick for most of the book (though we did see some tender parts), but Oriana was still drawn to him. He didn't give her much to go on, but she clung to him.

Lastly, the whole "additional player" at the end seemed to sort of come out of nowhere. I don't recall clues to what happened, and it was sort of dropped after it did.

All told, though, it was a very sexy story -- how could it not be with one woman and five men? -- and enjoyable. On to #2.