Six Miles High - Xavier Edwards Shortish story about a stewardess who rediscovers her bisexuality during a layover and then during the return leg of the trip.

Melissa is trying to get a promotion, but one of the passengers and a past mistake, Hamilton, might cause problems for her. Hamilton was a momentary (almost literally) mistake, but when he finagles his way on to her flight again, he thinks he'll get a reprise. She's totally not interested, but he's not getting the hint. She can't be a total bitch because he's a passenger AND friends with her boss, so she does the best she can.

In the meantime, she's picked up a book of lesbian stories left behind by one of the passengers. She's found she really enjoys them. A particular passenger ends up catching her eye, and sexy stuff happens. Don't want to give it away.

I'm generally not a huge fan of f/f, but this one was done pretty well.