Talk Me Down (Tumble Creek, #1) - Victoria Dahl This was my first Victoria Dahl, and it won't be my last. It was a really cute story. I have no idea how Molly thought she'd (a) be able to keep her career secret forever and (b) how she thought she'd ever be able to give Ben up. This was a love affair ten years in the making, even they weren't together those ten years.

I thought Ben broke his "I don't date girls in Tumble Creek" rule pretty easily, but I suppose he was defenseless against everything he'd felt when he was younger coming back to overwhelm him. And Molly was a little schemer, but she really didn't have to try all that hard.

The stalker thing was done well. I thought I knew for sure who it was halfway through, but then I changed my mind, and then I changed my mind again. I was glad the stalker's intent did not come to pass.

I loved Ben. While I can understand not wanting to be caught up in a scandal, I thought he took the news that Molly had written about him kinda crappy. He could have been flattered she'd felt that way about him, but I suppose he'd sort of been conditioned to avoid anything like that.

Anyway, it all worked out and it was cute.