Falling for You [Trueblood 2] - Barbara Elsborg I really enjoyed this. Word of warning: there's a LOT of sex in this one. But considering the storyline -- the female is hornier than the horniest person ever was for five days a month, and this story takes place over that period of time -- it fits.

I thought it was really sweet how Jo and Alek met. Alek has been attacked and is bleeding in one of his caves from the silver knife still sticking out of his chest. Jo is out running (what she does to try to combat the horniness) and falls into the hole and breaks her ankle. But she has an amazing ability to heal herself. She doesn't know why, but some innate ability allows her to heal her ankle. And then she tries to help Alek by pulling the knife out. He bleeds a lot and she thinks he's died, but he's really just in a "shutdown" mode -- his way of trying to conserve his energy. When he comes to again and Jo says she'll do anything to help him, he sort of "comes out" to her that he's a vampire and he needs blood. Initially she freaks a bit, but ultimately, she allows him to take some of her blood. Alek isn't worried about revealing himself -- he can just wipe her memory later, right? So they chat a lot, get to know each other, have lots of sex... for once, Jo has not chased a man away because of her raging libido.

But something goes wrong... Alek is not gone from Jo's memory. And neither can stop thinking about the other. And lots more happens. We learn who was trying to kill Alek and why. We learn why Jo is the way she is. And we have an HEA. And LOTS of sex in the meantime, lol. But like I said... it was her hormones, so it fit. I laughed several times during the story. Ms. Elsborg does such a great job of creating characters I care about and can laugh with. Both Alek and Jo were great, ribbing each other, but having this insatiable craving for each other. The very last thing that happened was priceless. I'd have loved to be a fly on that wall!