Taken - Selena Kitt So, this wasn't quite a 4, but I rounded up. And really, the story was just fine, it just didn't end any way I imagined. Of course, it's not my story... I'm just the reader, lol.

We have Liz and Sarah, who are co-workers. I think technically Sarah is Liz's supervisor. Sarah is in her 30s, Liz is in college. They go out after work one night, and things get freaky. Liz has a boyfriend who she's had since high school, and while they get along and date and such, it doesn't really seem like she really cares about him in a long-term way. So Sarah introduces Liz to all sorts of things.

At the same time, David, another co-worker has a thing for Sarah. David is in his late 20s/early 30s. Liz and Sarah both know David has a thing for Sarah, but Sarah seems disinterested. She also keeps pointing out that it would be awkward since they work together, but hello... Sarah and Liz work together, too.

One night, Liz decides she wants to have a threesome with a man and Sarah. They look around for a while for a third, but once Sarah and David sort of have a heart-to-heart about exes and infertility, Sarah decides it will be David.

And it's all hot. I mean, this is Selena Kitt. She writes f/f like nobody else. And the f/f/m was hot as well. But this wasn't really an HEA. And I love my HEAs, so I just sort of felt sad at the end. Not that anything sad happened, but nothing really good relationship-wise did, either. It was still an interesting, super steamy story.