Texas Tangle (Tangled) - Leah Braemel Well this was sweet. More 3.5 than 3. Nikki is divorced from her philandering ex. They had only gotten married because she got pregnant and her parents forced it. But ever since the divorce, she's been trying to keep up her homestead, basically on her own. Her convict brother, Phil, stays with her because her parents guilted her into it and she thought it was her duty as family to do it.

We start the story with Nikki's truck breaking down just a few miles from her house. She's coming back from picking up a horse. Dillon comes across her and stops. It's the neighborly thing to do. He's been being neighborly since her ex left. Of course, he likes to do neighborly things, but he's also hoping he'll have a shot at Nikki. But then there's Brett, too, a cop who is basically a foster brother to Dillon. Brett has had a think for Nikki since high school. They both did. And now, because Nikki's brother cleaned her out while she was away, there's a good reason for Dillon to take her home.

There was a lot of angst between the three of them, feeling out how they felt about each other. The boys trying to figure out what losing Nikki would mean to them, to their friendship. Nikki trying not to break up their friendship, nor to lose her own with them.

So anyway, it was steamy and it was sweet. One thing that bugged me is that I often couldn't figure out who was talking or who was doing something. I don't need to have "said so-and-so" after every bit of dialogue, but usually there's enough in the paragraph or the paragraph before or after to figure it out. And "he" was used alot. Sometimes it was obvious who "he" was, but sometimes, when the two of them were there, it was hard to tell. So that's my only real gripe. But it was a good story.