I'll Be Your Superman - Selena Kitt This one made me sort of melancholy. We have Evan, who is a paraplegic but has no use of his genitals, and he's married to Stef. They're very much in love, and Evan is able to satisfy Stef with his mouth, but Evan thinks Stef needs more. He's seen how their friend, Ben, looks at Stef, and from time to time, he's seen Stef look back, so he brings up the idea of Ben screwing Stef so she gets "what she needs". Stef protests... she doesn't want to jeopardize her marriage with Evan nor their friendship with Ben. But Evan persists and Stef relents. And while what ultimately happened was, I dunno, sweet? A little steamy? It just felt so melancholy. Stef would so much have rather it been Evan, and Evan wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go through with letting it happen. But it did, and they professed their love for each other at the end. It was a short story that left me with sort of mixed emotions.