Starving Artist - Selena Kitt Ellie is going to school for art. She rents a studio apartment, but she still finds it very difficult to make ends meet. The previous month, she and her landlord, Tom, had come to an "arrangement" when she was late on rent, and he's come back this month to "collect" again. Ellie doesn't feel like she has anywhere to go, especially after she calls her father for help and he won't help because he doesn't think art is a good career path. But the next month, a new guy is there. Ellie thinks she has an opportunity to sort of clean the slate, but the new guy, Scott, is Tom's son and knows of their arrangement. Which he's perfectly happy with, except that he wants much more. And while this unfair method of collecting rent was horrible, I have to say that at least Scott wanted her to enjoy it and was therefore a bit more "giving" in their encounter. She resisted enjoying it, but ultimately her body betrayed her.

But payback is a bitch, and Ellie gets her opportunity at the end of the story. I would have liked to be a fly on *that* wall.