Sexual Persuasion - Maryn Sinclair I didn't tag this with m/m, though there's an element of that. It's not super explicit, though (in my opinion). But oddly, I think the allusion to it in the blurb made me hold off on this one. I'm one who generally likes my stories with girly bits. Though I've been reading more m/m scenes recently.

Anyway, this was an interesting story. We have Alex, who people think is gay and whose lover is his long-time friend, Max. And we have Charlotte, who is six months out of a relationship with a douche. They meet at a museum event, when Alex is enthralled by Charlotte. Charlotte's friend tells her he's a gay mob lawyer, but Charlotte still feels him watching her. Which is a good thing when her douche of an ex tries to accost her and Alex steps in and scares him off. Mostly.

This seemed to be a story more about gaining trust than anything else. Charlotte needed to learn to trust men again, and Alex needed to be able to trust Charlotte with his deepest, darkest secret.

I loved how Alex got even with the douche. (The douche doesn't even deserve to be named, lol.)

And it was super steamy with some great chemistry between Alex and Charlotte. And an HEA, which I always love.