Beg Me - Scarlett Sanderson Tessa has felt like she might want to try D/s for a long time. Last time she voiced her needs, however, her fiance berated her and left her. So she's understandably skittish. But one night, she decides to check out one of the local BDSM clubs. The first guy to approach her skeeved her out. Second guy, she agrees to let him try spanking her, but she forgets her safeword and ends up being saved by Jared. She tries to be defiant with him, but he proves to her unequivocally that she is a sub and he could master her. But then he calls her a dirty girl (in an endearing manner) and she freaks and bolts.

Somehow (through the magic of the Internet and apparently random picture searches?), he finds her. And proposes to teach her about D/s for a month. No feelings, no emotions, just pleasure for both of them. Jared has commitment issues caused by abandonment issues because his father abandoned him and his mother early on, so he believes everyone will leave him. Tessa trusts him so they go for it. Problem is, they both figure out pretty early on that they have those feelings they're not supposed to have.

And then a dick says something and Jared is silent long enough for Tessa to believe it's true and she bolts again.

It was kind of sweet and sexy. There were a few things that threw me off in the story. For example, at one point, he's gagged her, but somehow there's still dialogue from her? I flipped back to see if maybe he'd removed the gag, but I didn't see it. And I still don't get how he found her. How many pictures did he have to flip through on the Internet to find her? Did he have a program to do it? It just didn't seem like an authentic way to find her, but then he wouldn't have had anything to go on without that explanation.

But generally an enjoyable story.