Genetic Celebrity - Tara Lain This was very sweet. Very much like the others where it's insta-love. Well, to be fair, Tommy and Booky have admired each other from afar but never thought there could be anything between them. Tommy apparently has confidence issues. He figured she wouldn't want him... she's older, successful, outgoing. On her end, she figured she was too old for him. Also, there was that pesky homosexuality. One visit that includes her family, though, and all of a sudden, he's very eligible. First, her mom recognizes that he's successful. Second, it's come out in conversation that he's *not* gay, but bi-sexual. Game on!

And then there's Shay. Shay, who was a street kid up until very recently when he was thrown out of a bar and basically onto Roan. Roan saw his potential as a model and brings him to meet Tommy... who is immediately attracted, but, because of aforementioned confidence issues, thinks Shay couldn't possibly be interested in him.

Throw in a bunch of miscommunication or lack of communication and a gay designer who is bent on bedding Shay and there's a decent number of things threatening any relationship. But the story ends on an HEA. It just seems to wrap up *really* fast... I'm not sure what I expected next, but it was not "the end". It was still a nice story and I enjoyed it, it just wasn't fantabulous.