Deceptive Attraction - Tara Lain More 3.5. I think there's always a danger in reading a series back-to-back. But I don't think this series suffers from basically the same thing happening. My issue is the insta-love. I don't get the "I can't live without you" or "I love you so much" after an extremely short period of time, which is what seems to happen in this series.

In this one, instead of everyone trying to run from who they were, there seemed to be real reasons that might keep everyone apart. Caleb is a professional soccer player, and he's been the backup goalie, but since the first-stringer was injured, he's been playing really well. His team wants to sign him to a big, lengthy contract. Caleb is looking for something more meaningful. Plus, there's the fact that he's gay and trying to keep that out of the media since soccer is a worldwide sport, and many countries aren't as tolerant as the US.

After Caleb's last game of the season, he hits up his favorite gay bar. The men are all atwitter about some guy who says he's waiting for someone. When Caleb attempts to figure out who it is and Elijah turns around and sees him, he's immediately attracted, and it's a good way for Elijah to escape the men who have gathered around him, so Elijah pretends he's been waiting for Caleb. They go dance and then have sex in a hotel room. By morning, Elijah is gone and Caleb doesn't even know his last name...

So a week later or so, he's going to house-sit for his brother Jake and Jake's significant others, Roan & Em. Em is very pregnant, so they're taking one last trip before the baby comes. Em has arranged with her cousin, who works for a charitable organization in Senegal, to mid-wife the birth. Angel turns up during Caleb's house-sitting. Caleb initially mistakes Angel for a boy, but quickly figures out (by walking in on her in the shower) that she's all girl. Still, he's strangely attracted. He just doesn't get attracted to women.

Elijah ends up coming back into the picture. Turns out a lot of things have been manipulated, and things get rough emotion wise. Ultimately, it's an HEA, but like I said, insta-love. It was sweet, steamy, sexy... just didn't like the insta-love. I suspect I'm going to get more of that in #4, but I'm reading it anyway. :-)