Genetic Attraction - Tara Lain This was a sweet (and steamy) continuation of the first one. In the first one, Jake was trying to come to terms with his bisexuality and his need for Roan. But he was in love with his boss, who was about ten years older than him, before he met Roan. And Roan has heard enough about Em, knows how much she means to Jake, and loves Jake enough that he builds Em a room in their new home before they even know whether Em is interested or not. A bit presumptuous, but very sweet on Roan's part.

So we're at the beginning of the second one, and Em is telling Jake he has to attend an awards function. She nominated him for an award that she's sure he'll get, and she tells him to bring his girlfriend, at which point Jake spills the beans that when he moved in with his "lover", that was a male lover. Now Em's dreams have been dashed because she thinks (as most people would) that Jake is gay and therefore off limits. After attending the function with both Jake and Roan, she accompanies them back to their Connecticut home and they get freaky busy. And that very first weekend, Jake asks Em to stay with them forever. A bit quick, sure, but Jake has loved her from afar for two years and now that he knows she's not going to freak and run, plus Roan is crazy about her (again, short period of time, but Roan seems to be a very open, giving person), he thinks it's perfect. Seemed a bit fast, but still sweet. The 'l' word is thrown around quite a bit that first weekend, too.

And then Jake gets mad at her for not being willing to throw caution to the wind and let her love for them overcome every obstacle. Hypocritical much? In the first one, he kept pushing Roan away at every chance, and for whatever reason (love I guess), Roan was always willing to take him back. Jake has very real issues with divulging his sexuality for two reasons: his career is in a very conservative environment, and they were sort of protecting Roan's celebrity. But Jake can't understand Em wanting to protect her own career that she worked so hard for? It seemed like he didn't really give her time to work through what had happened, much less making a life decision about it. It just seemed hypocritical for him not to remember the agony *he* went through but thinks it should be a no-brainer for her.

But beyond that, it was a very sweet story of Jake getting everything he wanted, lol. And Em and Roan didn't end up with the short end of the stick at all. Nope, not short at all. ;-)