The Scientist and the Supermodel - Tara Lain, Tara Lain So... I've had my m/m cherry popped. Well, this isn't the first time I've read about men getting it on, but it's the first time that it's been the overriding focus of the book. Most of the time when I read anything with m/m, it's part of a menage with a female. So, while Jake was in love with a woman (whom he does not have a romantic relationship with), this story was all about Jake and Roan. More precisely, it was about Jake coming to terms with his bi-sexuality.

This was a group series read or I might have skipped this one. I have too many stories including women to want to spend a bunch of time with an m/m book. I *know* m/m is very popular right now, I just haven't made that jump yet. I probably still won't at this point, but it's not a reflection on this story.

Man I wanted to smack Jake a lot of the time. While I feel like how he felt was adequately portrayed so I could sort of understand where he was coming from, how often he hurt Roan was just dick-headish. Roan had the patience of a saint. What a great, damaged guy. I was so glad he was able to experience Jake's family since his own had been so horrible to him.

I also thought it was a little humorous that everyone knew what Jake was trying so hard to hide from everyone including himself. Jake's mom was so awesome! I wonder if Em suspects as well?

I was a bit shocked at the end with the extra room in the house. I wonder how that's going to play out. Maybe I'll find out in the next one!